Ahmed Shafique


The reason I made an e-Portfolio is because it's a great way to show people who I am and what I'm about.

"If you don't make the time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don't want."

-Kevin Ngo

About me

The one thing you need to now about me is that I'm a creative thinker. I like to make things in such unique beauty that really distinguish itself from others in a form of film, art work, or even any type of writing. I have moved a good amount of times during my lifetime, which has caused me to have a little social anxiety. I've lived in places like Toronto where I was born. I lived in New York City for the majority of my life before I moved to Seattle for a year and then Arizona before coming to Houston and then Dallas. That whole moving around thing made me become more mature and helped me understand things quickly in life.

My Quality World:

Fast Track

People strive for a life where they get everything they have dreamed to get. Such as a job, a car and a house or even a degree in college. Ten years from now we want to surround ourselves with happiness and a life we always envisioned for ourselves. That happiness can be brought in by possessions we hold, or relationships with family members and friends. Later in your life where everything goes all well, you always look back at knowing your barriers and creating goals that penetrate and plow through those barriers for success and your quality world.

Ten years from now I see myself as a successful role model who has overcame a ton of adversity. This all comes from the backbone of me finishing college and earning a degree in dramatic writing and journalism from the University of Houston. Earning that degree will better myself in my career where I see myself as a film critic who writes plays and screenplays on the side. With relationships, I see myself improving my social skills and actually talk to more people besides my family. In ten years I believe my list of values will expand and some the values I already have obtained, I’ll dig deeper within those values. Possessions don’t matter to me. I look in the future and I see myself having a moderate sustainable home and electric car that gets me to point A to point B. If I put the work in and stay positive everyday, I see myself in ten years doing what I love as a career and being an overall better and well developed human being.

If I want to be the man I say I want to be in ten years, then I need to find a purpose and the self motivation to a brighter future. Self motivation has always been a sight of trouble for me when I started high school. I would always get my work done by being forced by others to do it and not by the will to do it myself. Most of the time when I would have a project or essay due in two weeks, I would pull it off to the last day and hopefully get it done on time. Or even worse, on would put my script on the side and not even work on it. The irony of that is I want to be a professional screenwriter when I’m older, but I’m not even showing the dedication to even put in the work to become a screenwriter. Being lazy can really hurt someone’s chances to their quality world because they won’t ever get started on their own journey that leads to their quality world. Honestly, I’ll just sit there and think good things will happen to me without me doing any work.

For the past month the goal I have been trying to catch is getting my work done consistently. I created a reasonable to-do list where I put a substantial amount of work where I know I will get done on a consistent basis. Knowing what I need to get done day in and day out gets my mind straighten out and readys me to tackle the day and the other and so on. The motivation comes from me being a millennial. I hear millennials are the worst generation ever to happen because of the lack of motivation and laziness

that surrounds this generation. Me being a person that exemplifies that generation made me feel disgusted and help me draw my reasons for creating a to-do list that helps me get my things done consistently every day. Having self motivation can really give you a head start to achieving your quality world. Without it, it’s hard to build a foundation towards your quality world.

I said this earlier but I feel motivated today for the basic reason of being a millennial. Last week I read an article about the negative aspects of the millennial generation and how we don’t have the motivation to get out and do something besides being on our phones the whole day and watch Netflix. Ever since then I have been using that article as a place of motivation for me. Using that article gave me a full purpose to get my work done everyday and strive for a better future and not become the person I was before that exemplified the reason why millennials are perhaps the worst generation ever.

I believe if you want a head start at a successful career, you need to go to college, period. Being an aspiring journalist, I can learn learn a ton about the media industry during my duration of four years at college. There’s all kinds of journalism workshops that I can attend and learn and even get some networks that can help me get a job after college. College in general can make your dream from a possibility to a reality. In my quality world I have things in the future that require me to go to college. Having a long and sustainable career in journalism can only be achieved by the work I put in my four years before I go in the work force.

My quality world can only be determined by the amount of work and dedication I put towards it. Ten years from now I’ll probably be twice the man I was before because I knew my strengths and weaknesses and knew how to apply them to my skills to better myself. I’ll be self motivated everyday and get my things taken cared of without people being behind me and making sure I actually got my things done. I’ll actually know how it feels to be an independent person that people can count on at anytime or moment of the day or week. In ten years you’ll see a person with a quality world that’s not measured by the amount of possessions he owns or how valuable they are but a person who has overcome struggles and obstacles and fought for a better world for himself and his family.

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Long Term Goals:

  • Personally down the road, I hope to finish 2 to 4 screenplays before my 32nd birthday.
  • Educationally, I will have completed my educational career with a degree in journalism and dramatic writing.
  • Career wise, I wish to find a long career in journalism while on the side I write screenplays.

Short Term Goals:

  • Currently, I'm working on the first draft of my first screenplay, which I'm trying to finish by the end of November.
  • By the end of Winter Break, I wish to have saved up enough money for a car.


  • These results show that I learn in a logical way. My score was a 10.
  • To be honest, these results don't mean anything to my career choice. My choice of career doesn't really apply with these results.


Ball is Life

Written by: Ahmed Shafique

The game that I have always been witnessing.

The game that always brings me joy.

From Russell Westbrook’s finesse.

To see the range of the Golden Boy.

This is the NBA.

Sit down and watch greatness happen.

Watch all the best players in the world play.

See the smoothness and creativity of the baby face assassin.

It all comes down to the Finals.

Who wants it more?

The stage is set for your idols.

The players leaving everything they have on the floor.

Basketball is about chemistry with your companions.

All reaching for that one goal in which you will become champions.

The Dark Knight

Written by: Ahmed Shafique

The cold dark nights of Gotham.

The Joker could be anywhere.

Batman can solve this problem.

Except finding the Joker is never fair.

The paint on his face makes it hard not to stare.


Half of Harvey Dent’s face gets lit up like a flare.

The Joker is just having fun.

And makes the citizens in Gotham run.

Commissioner Gordon tries his best to have this under control.

But terror has already begun.

The Joker turned Harvey Dent into a dead soul.

Batman ends up saving the day.

But there is a consequence he decides pay.

  • As a creative writer, I organized ideas for the plot and story of both the poems. Critical thinking, in some ways, influence how you execute those ideas into something pure and creative.


  • What I have learned about CRAAP is it requires you to dig deep within your research and find out whats it about, who wrote, and why is it important.
  • What I have learned about online databases is that it from a local network or the internet.
  • It is important for me to know how to research properly because you want to put the most accurate information on your assignments. Also when you do research properly, you find more information that you thought you wouldn't find.
  • information literacy: Source Evaluation Template (1).docx shafique 2.docx


  • Doing this assignment was fun because it was the most unique and interesting assignment I have ever done.
  • This course showed me what I'm good at and what things I can improve upon. The course also showed me how to appreciate other's work and self ambitions.
  • EDUC presented the idea that if you don't work hard enough to get where you want to be. Then you won't reach your quality world.
  • I take responsibility for my own learning by knowing my strengths and weaknesses.
  • I wish to improve my analytical thinking where I am able to break things down and really focus those little things. As for behavior, I want to develop my ability to talk to people and not be so anti-social.