October Edition: Raider Report

More than a School, A COMMUNITY!

Fall is in the Air on the Benjamin Logan Campus!

We appreciate all of the efforts of our staff, students, custodians, and maintenance crew in keeping our campus safe and clean.
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A message from Jennifer Sudhoff Treasurer/CFO, Benjamin Logan Schools

When Mr. Scheu and I started in 2020, the prior forecast projected a negative cash balance of $1.7M for the end of Fiscal Year 2021 (June 30, 2021).

Through an intensive review of district expenditures and cash management policies, the true ending cash balance for Fiscal Year 2021 was a positive $4.7 million. The BOE is continually reviewing all district expenditures in a manner consistent to educate our students effectively and utilize our district finances.

$4.7M is the true days cash balance of – 87 days; the district could operate for 87 days with no additional cash.

Additional information will be shared at the October 18 board meeting regarding the use of ESSER funds. The Board of Education meets at the Central Office at 6pm.

Mrs. Ridge guides 4th grade students with Botvin LifeSkills program

For the past four years, Mrs. Susan Ridge has been boosting the health and personal development of Benjamin Logan 4th graders as she teaches about life skills. The Botvin LifeSkills Training program presents self-esteem, decision-making, dealing with stress, social skills, assertiveness, and how to deal with advertising of harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. This program has been proven to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use by using a comprehensive, scientifically-based approach.

Mrs. Ridge shared, "The students have fun learning skills that make them stronger, healthier, and happier for life. The program combines health information, general life skills, and drug resistance skills to prepare students for a life free of substance abuse."

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Stay Safe. Speak Up! Student Safety Reporting System

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Benjamin Logan Local Schools is fully committed to the safety and well-being of our students and school community. We value personal safety and a positive learning environment for all students.

Benjamin Logan Local Schools is using the Stay Safe. Speak Up! Student Safety Reporting System (powered by PublicSchoolWORKS). This reporting tool allows students, parents, and staff to submit safety concerns to school officials.

Concerns can be submitted in three ways:

1. Mobile App. Download the Stay Safe. Speak Up! mobile app and enter our unique District Code to submit reports directly from your smartphone. District Code: BenLogan

2. Phone. Call 1-866-547-8362 to leave a voice message or speak with a trained, live attendant. Attendants can initiate contact with various national crisis hotlines if a student needs help in dealing with a personal emergency.

3. Online. Go to the district’s website and click on the Stay Safe. Speak Up! button to access the online form from a desktop computer or laptop.

You and your child can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, weapons, thoughts of suicide, or any other concern which may jeopardize the safety of students, employees or school property.

Every report received about our district is immediately logged into our system and our administration is notified so we can investigate and take appropriate action. And, tips can be submitted anonymously.

We will make every effort to handle and respond to every charge and complaint filed by students, parents and employees in a fair, thorough, and just manner. And, every effort will be made to protect the due process rights of all victims and all alleged perpetrators.

We’re confident that Stay Safe. Speak Up! will enhance communication, ensure a swifter response to school safety concerns, and make our district a safer place to work and learn.

Benjamin Logan High School Earns Gold Standard for Financial Literacy

Gold Standard Schools ensure all students take at least one standalone semester course in personal finance before graduation. "We are working to prepare our students so they are not in our shoes so many years down the line trying to make up for the lost time. We are truly blessed to help our students see how beneficial financial literacy is. This will help take care of your future. Let’s celebrate the end of I wish I had started sooner or somebody would have told me. Let’s give our students a huge hug in the form of knowing how to navigate the world of financials and to have that background knowledge now. Let’s help them have the financial futures we wish we could go back and redo now,” said Nicole Terrill, Benjamin Logan High School Career Readiness Instructor.
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2nd Annual Benjamin Logan Elementary Walk-a-Thon

Walk A Thon Promo 2021-2022

Attaboy, the Billboard-charting music group set to perform at Benjamin Logan for middle and high school students!

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Their music shares topics such as not judging others, understanding your true value regardless of what others think, making decisions for yourself, and not letting your past define your future.

The band will share their performance on Thursday, October 14 at 9am for 5th-8th grade and 12:45pm for 9th-12th grade in the HS Auditorium.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Coming Soon!

BLMS Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held at the middle school on Monday, November 1st from 4:00-7:00 pm and Tuesday, November 2nd from 8:00 am-noon. We will be offering in-person, ZOOM & phone conferences. Please click on the following link to schedule your child's conference.


BLHS Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held at the high school on Monday, November 1st from 4:00-7:00 pm and Tuesday, November 2nd from 8:00 am-noon. If you would like to schedule a conference (either in person at the high school, via Zoom meeting, or a phone call). https://forms.gle/BFWF5tCfDK4JesW57

Elementary School conferences can be scheduled by contacting your child's teacher directly through notes, phone calls, or emails.