Ship's Log

Week of December 3, 2018

We have Mass this morning at 9:00 // We will light the Advent candle AT the church before Mass. We will do this each Monday of Advent.

SECRET SANTA- If you did not pick your secret Santa person on Friday- please see Marian today to get yours! Happy shopping for all of your little gifts.

RUDY- our Elf on the Shelf has arrived!... Rudy will return tomorrow in style! On Tuesday, he will make his first appearance in a lucky classroom!

This will be a 'family' affair... If Rudy ends up in your room- it's your task to move Rudy to another classroom or common area the next morning (before students arrive)! Start your creative juices flowing now! Rudy will travel with a list to track where he's been along with some of his supplies! Feel free to include a class treat like kisses and candy canes! Thank you for playing along :) Don't forget to take and send me a photo of Rudy if he arrives in your class!

Lesson Plans- Please email or drop off a copy of your lesson plans for this week. I want to get out into all of your classrooms and would love to see what you are doing this week so I can add it to my calendar- I don't want to miss all the great things happening in your rooms!

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Tom Jacobs Please sign up for the next couple of months PLEASE- or I will have to assign people to empty weeks (just like this week)...

Monday- (Day 62)

Choir, Mass 9:00

Kidz Korner Gift Shoppe Open - send students with $$ down, you can send students down 5 at a time to preview also during the day.

Report Cards Live (let me know ASA yours are finished)

Staff Meeting Room 8- Bring your chromebook- we will go over how to look at MAP reports

Tuesday (Day 63)-

Gift shoppe open 9-11

Wednesday (Day 64)

Bobbie covering for Denise

grade 8 & Mrs. Petty visit St. B's AM

Gift Shoppe open 9-11

Thursday (Day 65)

Gift shoppe open 9-11

MS Semi-Formal 7-9

Friday No School- Religious Enrichment Day

Saturday- Basketball Games

Happy Birthday


Monday- Ariella Cutter



Thursday- Aidan Doherty



Before // After School Activities:

Monday- Choir 8:30 gym, Basketball (McNally 3-4), (Centeno 5-6)

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Basketball (Ciccolini 1-2), Girls 7-8, Boys 7-8

Wednesday- Basketball (Gariepy 1-2), (Caskins 3-4)

Thursday- BOK K-3, Drama, MS Semi Formal

Friday- Basketball girls 7-8 and boys 7-8

To Do List:

  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week
  • Gather info for staff documentation for NEASC
  • Give Marian a copy of your CPR/Serve Safe and any other relevant certificates!
  • Enter input for NEASC Standards
  • ALICE Training- new staff should have been emailed an invitation to the online ALICE Training. Please make sure to complete this training before January 2. We have additional spots available for anyone that needs a refresher... just let me know.

Celebrate ADVENT!

Teach Like A Pirate!

It's time to break out your pirate skills! Have you finished reading the Chapters for P-I-R-A-T-E... now it's time to start Crafting Engaging Lessons - AKA- Creating Experiences!!

It's all about preheating the grill and 'hooking' students...

This week: Long Live the Arts- try one of these hooks this week Picasso, Mozart, Dance & Drama, Craft (p 95-101).

Let me know what hooks you try!

Upcoming Events:

12/2 1st Sunday of Advent: HOPE

12/3 Choir, School Mass 9:00, REPORT CARDS due

12/3 Kids Korner Gift Shoppe this week

12/6 MS Semi Formal 7-9

12/7 Religious Enrichment Day at Holy Name

12/9 2nd Sunday of Advent: FAITH

12/10 Choir, School Mass 9:00, Penance following Mass- tentatively scheduled

12/12 PTO Out of Dress Day

12/13 Kindergarten Christmas Pageant 1:30

12/14 PK-3 Christmas Around the World, Bobbie out

12/ 14 Staff Holiday Party at Hibachi 5:30

12/16 3rd Sunday of Advent: JOY

12/17 Choir, School Mass 9:00 ** SECRET SANTA BEGINS**

12/19 Christmas Concert PK-5 1:30

12/21 Staff Potluck Breakfast, Early Dismissal 11:30 (NO EC) UGLY Sweater Day

12/23 4th Sunday of Advent: PEACE

12/24-1/1 Christmas Vacation

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

December 3rd- Room 8- MAP Growth Reports

December 10th- ** Need a host ** NEASC Standards