Welcome to 7P

"Working together for the good of all"

Dear Parents

    Welcome to 7P! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer with your family. I am looking forward to an exciting ten months getting to know your child. My twenty-three years as an educator have taught me communication between parents and school staff is just as important as the learning process. I will need your cooperation in order to make your child’s transition from Year 6 to Year 7 successful everyday.

    Please voice your concerns to me as soon as they come up.I am always the first point of contact. I will be sure to communicate mine with you. I would also like to know of issues at home or at school, which might impact on your child’s behaviour and learning. I can best help your child adjust if I know why he or she is feeling out of sorts.

    The best way to inform me would be a note to my email or a message by phone via the school office. I urge you not to talk in front of your child or try to speak to me during the morning rush. If you need to speak to me in person, we can schedule an appointment either before or after school. This way we can focus on any issues quickly and effectively. For any day to day issues please contact me using the Pupil Diary.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Our partnership will go a long way in sending a positive message to your child.


    Mr. Ian Pratt.

    School phone: 01234 261516

    email : pratti@goldington.bbvle.com

Looking Forward

There are a number of items that need attending to straight away.

please provide your child with Emergency contact details in the front of their Diary.

please ensure all Uniform and PE kit is named.

please sign the Home school agreement also in the Diary.

I look forward to a Fantastic Year working in partnership with your Child and Yourself

A little about me....

I have now been teaching for 23 Years, 13 of those at Goldington. I teach mainly Science but also teach PE, PHSE, DT and this year RE. I am coordinator of PHSE and have responsibility for Professional development in School.

I am a Google certified teacher and am passionate about technology and its use to enhance learning and teaching. I am looking forward to being a key person in the development of your child both academically and personally over the next year.

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