Collaborative Work Student Examples

The best examples of students working collaboratively.

Students holding an accountable talk book club meeting

The group established its own norms and holds it members accountable to read--and discuss--a number of pages from a common book each week.

Peer Editing KidBlog Posts

Writing opinion pieces as a KidBlog post

Commenting on Student KidBlog Posts

Use 3 Cs and a Q when teaching students how to comment on others' blog posts

Force and Motion

1st and 2nd graders exploring force and motion

How could you help move a heavy load to a food pantry?

Fourth graders involved in Project Lead the Way.

Earth Day Club

1st grade students started their own Earth Day Club!

Sharing Opinions on Kidblog

Students saying their opinions on racial injustices on Kidblog.

Student Buddies Teaching Each Other

Working with buddies today methods of teaching kids something new! What better audience?

Student Self-Choice of Projects

Multiple projects, students choose what interests them. Organized chaos...loads of fun!

Matter Discussion

Learning about matter and how gasses take up space!

Students Performing a Play

Students chose roles and performed "The War of the Worlds."

Shark Tank-Style Feedback

You need some relevant feedback? Jump in the Shark Tank!