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Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten

Reminder: No school March 25-April 3 for Spring Break!

Reading and Writing


Theme 10: The Mighty Sun
Letter of the Week
: Jj
Sight words: with, dog
Comprehension strategy: Asking questions about pictures


Topic 13: Money: Coin identification and correlating values


New Behavior Management Plan

We are starting a new Behavior Management Plan. The last couple of months of school can be rather challenging with warmer weather and antsier bodies. In order to help keep a lid on behavior and help continue our learning during this time, I have started a new procedure to help students maintain accountability for their behavior. Here's an overview of the plan:

Every day the students will get a "Cooperation Slip" in their frog pocket. Each child also has three "fly tickets" for their frog. The goal is to be a cooperative citizen of our classroom so that at the end of the day each student has at least one fly to keep their frog well-fed. For each reminder that I have to give to a student, that student will need to give me one of his/her fly tickets. If a student loses all three fly tickets, he/she must also turn in his/her cooperation slip to me. As a consequence at school, anyone who has lost their cooperation slip also loses the opportunity to participate in our Collaboration Time at the end of the day since in order to collaborate with others, you must be cooperative. Please ask your child to show you his/her Cooperation Slip each day. If your child does not have it, ask your child to explain why. This plan will be most effective if your child knows that he/she will also be held accountable with you as well for his/her behavior at school. It may be possible that your child actually physically loses the slip between school and home. In class, we have discussed that part of being a responsible student is putting our slip in a safe place to get it home. If your child does not come home with a slip and you would like to confirm your child's reason with me, just shoot me and email and I would be happy to confirm or clarify for you. Please feel free to set up any kind of incentive program you think will help your child be successful with his/her behavior at home. For example, maybe once your child collects a designated amount of Cooperation Slips he/she gets an extra privilege, such as getting to choose the family meal or get out of a day of doing a chore. I suggest refraining from rewarding your child with materialistic things like toys, etc. as I believe this only tends to reinforces selfishness rather than instilling self-gratification of a job well-done. I am hoping that this will be a visual reminder to help students think about their behavior choices during the school day and keep things running as smoothly as possible for the remainder of the year! Thank you as always for your support in helping your child grow and learn in their citizenship skills.

Important Dates to Remember

May 25 will be our field trip to Como Zoo. More specific information will be coming home as the time draws closer, but I wanted to let you know the date because any parents who wish to join us as chaperones may come. Please note that in order to accompany us though, you must have a completed background check on file. Also, since you are attending as a chaperone on a school sponsored event, all younger children must be left home with a caregiver. Hopefully this will give you enough time to check with your employer if you want to attend and will be needing to get time off from work to do so.

June 8 is Kindergarten Graduation. It will be held in the afternoon. (Sorry, I am not sure of the specific time frame at this time.) There will be a brief ceremony in the gym and cookies and juice in the classroom to celebrate. Following the celebration, parents may take their child home with them. There will be a sign out sheet in the classroom if you wish to do so. Again, more information will be coming as the time gets closer, I just want to give you a heads-up so you can make arrangements accordingly.


Please continue to watch to forecast. The weather can vary pretty significantly from day to day in the Spring. Students will go out for recess every day unless it raining, so please be sure your child has appropriate clothing here to keep him/her warm.