Nutrient functions of Protein

By Daijanay Stallings

Why do we need protein?

With protein there are multiple ways theyb work for us and we need them for mant things in out everyday life. We have protein in our bones which which is the mainly proteins calcium ,magnesium, and phosphate. Keratin which helps form and keep your nails and hair looking smooth andpretty as ever. Myoglobin and Elastin are the two main protiens in our muscle fiber.

What if we didnt get enough protein?

If we didnt get enough protein in our lives then life for us would probably being very hard. Our skin would flake up and get light, you wouldnr be able to stay outside very long because your skin wouldnt be able t fight the sun rays that are so powerful that we have reached over 100*C last summer. Slowness in healing wounds, cuts, scrapes, and bruises would happen after you get hurt off of liitle things like tripping and falling.
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Why protein is so important to me?

I believe protein is so important to me because without protein we wouldnt have much of a body, yes we could still stand up but our bones wouldnt be strong because the main thing that is used in your bones is Osteoporosis and
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