Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

By: Jeff Kinney

The main Game

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is realistic fiction. It takes place In the school year and summer. My favorite character in this book is the main character, Greg. He is a casual kid who tries to get hard things done easily and gets bullied by his older brother. I would want to be friends with him because he seems like a good guy. Anyway, Greg is annoyed by his big brother Rodrick, and if you have a big brother like him, you probably know how he feels. But when Rodrick witnesses the most embarrassing that happened to Greg, he has got to play it cool and lie low, too. See how Greg does everything he can do in his power to stop his brother, because if Rodrick lets out the secret, Greg's life will pretty much be over. He probably should have stood in touch with his french pen pal, then he would have been able to start a new life. But that will not happen. Will Greg keep the secret safe? Or will he see if Rodrick Rules?

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I recommend this novel to WN readers because it is funny and it shows how Greg gets ticked off by his best friend Rowley and Rodrick. It also has a vague meaning at the end of the story: every single person, no matter how mean, always has a bit of good in them. And helping that person does not hurt