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Your guide to Fashion Anklets

The ANKLET is one such accessory that have been ignored for years. With its origins in India, anklets are now worn all around the world. This season, try something new and highlight your feet. Anklets have the ability to help you flaunt your wild side and these can be worn with a huge variety of outfits. A shiny anklet goes perfectly with all types of sandals and shoes. Vibrant anklets can add an alluring pop of color to a casual outfit made of a pair of denims and sneakers. Anklets are popular in Handmade Fashion Jewelry for ages, but the new body jewelry trend made anklet a trend all over again. If you want to add an extra splash of color or glitter to your look, consider one of these modern pieces of jewelry.

If you’re new to the anklet trend, you might want to consider the following points:

  • We all know that beaded bracelets and necklaces are very popular. Be it any type beaded jewelry is surely doing the round. Handmade fashion jewelry such as beaded anklets are fun because they add color and feminism to your look.

  • Consider all vibrant colors green, yellow, red or orange in beaded anklets. Most beaded anklets are made in stretchy cord, which makes these easy and comfortable to wear.

  • Some beaded anklets even have dainty little dangling charms. Search for carving or decorative beads if you are looking for something in designer jewelry style.

  • Antique gold is as fashionable as the classic shiny gold, and gold anklets will help you flaunt your tanned skin perfectly. Anklets with dainty little gold charms are especially trendy and unique.

  • You can layer gold anklets with beaded anklets, silver anklets or even leather jewelry to create your personalized unique style.

  • Gold is something that is durable and hypoallergenic, which makes it a great option for a keepsake and summer jewelry that you might want to wear every day.

  • Semiprecious gemstones have been popular always when it comes to jewelry, which makes them a great option for anklets too. Don’t you want a bit of authentic sparkle in your jewelry box? You have a huge variety to choose from when shopping for designer gemstone anklets. Precious and colorful gemstones will amp up any simple look and add a lot value to your existing body jewelry collection.

  • Semi Precious Gemstones will give you a huge variety of colors and sparkle for less as compared to the precious ones. Choose anklets decorated with various semi precious stones such as amethysts, jade, carnelian, coral, turquoise and moonstone.

  • Cubic zirconias are a great option if your current budget does not allow you to buy semi precious gemstones.

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