Starting on a new course...

At Great Torrington School our students now have the choice to pick the brand new Computer Science from AQA. Students learn about the basics of computer software programming via hands-on training on a variety of software.

Our students also lift the lid on a typical home computer and look inside at what is needed to build a modern computer.

As part of their controlled assessmet work students have so far this year created several working apps for mobile smart phones, as well as investigating classic game styles and creating new games using school software.


Why Choose Computer Science?

Computer technology continues to advance rapidly and the way that technology is consumed as also been changing at a fast pace over recent years. The growth in the use of mobile devices and web-related technologies has exploded, resulting in new challenges for employers and employees.

For example, businesses today require an ever-increasing number of technologically-aware individuals. This is even more so in the gaming, mobile and web related industries and this specification has been designed with this in mind.

The specification provides progression from key stage 3 studies by building on the knowledge and skills taught and will provide excellent progression to ‘A’ level Computer Science, vocational courses and on to degree level courses in the areas of computing, engineering and science. Whilst this specification is not specifically mapped to any particular industry standard IT qualifications it will provide a sound preparatory basis of study for them. In addition the course provides the knowledge, skills and understanding that a growing number of employers are demanding.

10 Very Good Reasons To Pick Computer Science

1. Computing is part of everything we do!

Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the ways businesses and the way we communicate with others on smartphones and tablets.

2. Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.

Computing is a discipline that offers rewarding and challenging possibilities for a wide range of people regardless of their range of interests.

3. Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world.

Computing drives innovation in the sciences (human genome project, medical vaccine research, environmental monitoring and protection just to mention a few), and also in engineering, business, entertainment and education.

4. Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.

Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. Computing is very often associated with innovation, and developments in computing tend to drive it.

5. Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located.

6. Expertise in computing helps you even if your primary career choice is something else.

Having a CompSci GCSE will provide you with a foundation of knowledge, problem solving and logical thinking that will serve as a competitive advantage to you in your career, in whatever field you choose

7. Computing offers great opportunities for true creativity and innovativeness.

Creating high-quality computing solutions is a highly creative activity, and computing supports creative work in many other fields.

8. Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort.

Computing is often about being part of a team that requires people with many different kinds of skills. Yet there is also plenty of space for individual flair and imagination.

9. Computing is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation.

An increasing number of universities and employers see successful completion of a computer science course as a sign of academic well-roundedness.

10. Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.

Computing is one of those fields where it is almost impossible to predict what will happen next. This is why we cannot even begin to imagine all the ways that you can make a contribution to it and it can make your life’s work exciting and real.