To help out the homeless!

Bring somethings like...

Hand sanitizer, wet ones, band aids, tissues, small blankets, deodorant, small bottles of water, Socks, washcloths, toothbrush,toothpaste, hand warmers, Chapstick/lip balm , Lotion , Tylenol, gift cards, First aid kits/medical supplies, cough drops, Gloves, Hats, Food/snacks for a furry buddy (dog/cat food), Dog leash, Snacks: crackers, nutrition bars, nuts, apple sauce, cereal, dehydrated fruit, pretzels, gum, etc.

where to donate

You can donate in the box in the middle school commons. Thank you for donating for the homeless.


If you feel compelled to help us, you can purchase any of the items and give them to me or place them in the “119 Blessing Bags” donation box located in the middle school commons (please no money donations). We will be packing these bags and distributing them over the next few months. Thank you for your help and generosity as we all try to help others in need!