All about Abbey:)

by: Abbey Wilson

Important information about me

I have a mom a dad, and 3 sisters. I am the oldest, my sisters names are Kathleen, Ann, and Clare. I also have a pet, his name is Elvis he is a long-haired basset hound. My moms name is Erin,and my dads name is Dennis. My dad has just retired from the Air force last July. He has work in the military for 26 years! I would like to attend Mercy High school after 8th grade. I am going to shadow there first. The reason why I want to go there is because it is a all girls school and I will get more one on one time with the teachers. I have attended St. Geralds for 4 years. My family and I came here when I was in 5th grade. My family did a lot of school scouting, but we finally found the perfect school! I love St. Gerald's because it is a loving and caring school. The High school I want to go to is Mercy High school. I would liiek to go to Mercy because it is an all girls school, and would get one on one time with the teachers.

My goals I want to achieve this year.

One of my goals this year is to be remembered as a hard working, caring, and loving student who always likes to smile. My second goal is to work hard for high school. I want to be able to achieve getting a scholarship to Mercy High school!