Math and Science Coach

My roles and responsibilities as an Instructional Coach

My Roles and Responsibilities as an Elementary Math & Science Coach

As a Math and Science Coach at Crane Elementary, I had a variety of responsibilities. Here are some of the most important.
  • Researching math strategies and content and presenting what I learn to teachers grades K-5 in regularly occurring professional development sessions, collaborative planning groups, and one on one coaching sessions.
  • Developing curriculum and assessments at the district level collaboratively with other math and science coaches and program directors.
  • Work with both administrators and staff to learn and teach the grades K-5 Math Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Supervising and monitoring AIS services and plans for students in grades K-5 using RTI.
  • Working side by side with administration as a building leader to plan meetings and schedules to create an efficient and successful school.

Science & Engineering Fair--2014

This is a video of our first Science & Engineering Fair. You can see artifacts from this event on my Live Binder sub tabs. As a science coach learning about the Next Generation Science Standards, I was inspired to integrate the new engineering standards at an elementary level. I proposed the idea of a school-wide voluntary science and engineering fair to staff. I was joined by a group of enthusiastic teachers to collaborate with and develop an extremely meaningful and standards-based science fair focusing on engineering skills.

Students were asked to find a problem in their lives and design a solution to the problem. The video is a compilation of all the projects students did for this fair.

Science & Engineering Fair