Cellphone Usage

By: Sreelakshmi Akshanthala

Using Your Cellphone Wisley

If you own a phone use it wisely because you can hurt some else's feelings and also you do not want hurt them or say something mean back. Also 1 thing DO NOT text while drive. If you do, you might end up crashing into someone else's car you both get hurt. Always avoid texting while walking, running, driving, bicycling.

Tips To Avoid Texting While Driving

1 If you cannot wait then pull over if someone texted you. You could be desperate.

2.Silence notifications that tempt you to check your phone. If you happen to have a friend texting you then turn of your silence notifications.

3.Hide your phone somewhere it is hard to reach or find.

4.Turn off your cellphone completely. You would not be able to here your cellphone ding at all!

Some Of The important Things About Texting!