Genital Herpes

While Pregnate


It's a sexually transmitted disease, caused by two types viruses: the herpes simplex viruses. Type of herpes that can be given to the baby during birth, out of the vagina. There is two types of herpes, type 1 (HVS-1) and type 2 (HVS-2). Type 1 would mainly be explain as a outbreak on the face, and type 2 would explain out break to the genitals.


Herpes may appear as a skin infection, small fluid blisters may appear, mild scar after. The babies herpes may appear as very sick, the baby may start to bleed easy, breathing difficulties, flaring nostrils, grunting, may go into a coma, and may have a low body temperature.

Risks Involved

It may be given to the baby if given birth through the vagina of the mother, if not treated or found before going into the labor of the baby. The baby may be gave birth through c-section, to also prevent the babies risk. The doctor will help go through the pregnancy, if you go to a doctor when found.


The doctor will suggest a medication to the mother to take, or if the herpes are found to the baby, the doctor will also suggest a medication to take through the vein. The baby will be prescribed to take the medication for a couple weeks.