Concussions in the NFL

by Amar, Zac, and Robert

More Concussions in the NFL Than Ever Before

Concussions could be the answer to what is happening to these retired NFL players that had severe cases of mental brain problems.

Long-Term Affects



-Mental illness leading to suicide

"There are many reasons that there are so many concussions in the NFL, the biggest being head-to-head hits; but we always have to keep in mind that football was designed to be a rough, hard hitting sport and it should be treated that way. "

Possible Solutions

1) Stop playing football

2) No tackling

3) Stop wearing pads

Junior Seau

NFL Career

  • Juinor Seau played a long 19 year NFL career
  • He was known as a hard hitter by teammates
  • His ex-wife said that he did play through concussions
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  • Juinor Seau was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on May 2, 2012
  • The autopsy revealed he had CTE from concussions sustained throughout his career
  • Suffered from insomnia and depression as a result of CTE