Christmas in Brazil

By: Jose Chavez and Ricky Sueno

Play's & Church🎅

For Christmas brazilians will usually go to plays such as Los Pastores (The Shepherd) which is about a women who tries to steal baby Jesus. The plays are a big part of the Christmas tradition in Brazil.

For church they will go to a a late night service at 12 at night called a Midnight Mass Service Missa De Galo and usually end around 1 in the morning, during these late night church sessions the people will usually celebrate and talk about the tradition and the true meaning of Christmas, with dancing and singing. The church's also celebrate with a beautiful firework show.

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Papai Noel (Santa Claus)

In brazil they call Santa Papai Noel which means Good Old Man in Portuguese. Therefore they have the same Santa as us in America just with a different name, and the same Santa tradition