Class Newsletter

LeCroy and Pickering - January 2014

Sunset Park is turning 60!

Our class will be working with Mrs. Johnson's class to gather information to help celebrate Sunset Park turning 60 years old. If you were a student at Sunset Park or your parents were students here, please email me. We would love to ask some questions and gather some information from you.


The second Charleston Deposit of $35 is due on Thursday, January 16. (Both student and chaperones.)

No School

Friday, January 17 is a teacher workday, so students have no school.

Monday, January 20 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so students and teachers observe the holiday (no school).


Currently, we are working in a unit on multiplication and division. Students are solving word problems by drawing pictures, writing equations with variables, making tables, etc. They are using multiple strategies to problem solve. We have looked at several multiplication properties this week in order to understand multiplication better. Next week, we will focus on fact fluency. Please have your child practice their multiplication facts. We are playing multiplication games in class. There are also multiplication quick tables on and

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We are finishing our unit on States of Matter. Students have worked really hard on a beautiful bulletin board to show the changes in matter. Next week, we will end our unit by looking at conductors and insulators. The next unit will be on Habitats and Adaptations.

Social Studies

We are finishing our study on the American Revolution. We have studied the war and the effects of the war. Students will be working to create another bulletin board to represent the new government that was formed at the local, state, and national level. Students told us they loved creating the bulletin board for science and asked to do another. We were blown away with their creativity!

Thank you for the donations for Colonial Christmas. Students really enjoyed seeing some of the traditional things that people enjoyed during the Colonial times. Thank you to those who volunteered their time as well. Below are a few pictures from the activity.


As we wrap up our unit on informational writing, students are publishing their book using an online tool from More information is to come about how you can purchase your child's hardbound book. We are so proud of all the hard work they have done! We will be beginning a new unit on opinion writing next week. Your children are so bright and we cannot wait to see what kinds of persuasive arguments they can make! Some of their writing samples will be sent home next week, so that you can see what they are doing independently.


In December, F and P testing was administered to determine your child's reading level. This information will be on the report cards. Your children have made great progress in reading this year. We will still be studying nonfiction this next nine weeks. We have been focused more on informational text, but we will be pulling in more essays and biographies as we move forward. We are using reading as an avenue to study science and social studies. Many articles and texts that we are reading help us understand the content they are learning. Students have access to many articles and the Social Studies online textbook through Edmodo. These are great resources to use to study in the evenings, as well as notes in their journal.