Texas the Land State!

Connor kammlah

Reasons to Visit

Here in Texas we have a lot of land. It is also cheap and rural for farming. You and your family will enjoy our green land. We have plenty of animals that you can hunt. We don't have any strict laws so you can do whatever you want once you come to Texas!!

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Here's a Map!!

This is a map of Texas for you to use in case you get lost.

Supplies for survival!

You will need clothes, food ( which you could also hunt on the way), water, weapons such as knives and rifles. You would also need medical supplies, blankets, horses, tents, and don't forget your covered wagon!

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Here is a few routes to pick from!

You can come from:
  • Sea route from New Orleans
  • The southerly Atascosito Road crossing the Sabine river at Gaines' Ferry
  • From Arkansas crossing the Red River to north Texas
  • The north road through Nacogdoches crossing the Trinity River
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A man gets 320 acres of land, a women gets

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One of the main historical events in Texas was the Alamo. The Alamo was guarded by 183 volunteer Texans. They held the Alamo for 12 days and on the 13th day the Mexican army stormed the fort. In minutes every Texan but five died in the Alamo. Parts of the Alamo still stand in San Antonio present day.

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