Is cheer a sport?

Strength,Injuries, tumbling, and stunts

Many people have their own opinion on cheerleading, on whether this is a sport or just and activity. A variety of people believe its not because , i believe its stereotyped. On movies you see that they're just girly girls and annoying people that just making up routines. But, that's not what it is. Cheer leaders need strength. They have to carry people up to there chest, and throw them up in the air and to catch their flyer. Also, if it wasn't a sport, why would they have to compete with other teams, to see whose the best of the best. Moreover, many girls and guys end up getting injured, which shows that the sport is hard and sometimes even dangerous. Cheerleaders break their arms,legs,necks,etc. because they're doing hard tricks on the floor and in the air, tumbling , doing back flips, backhand springs, anything possible to awe and audience. These are the reasons on why I believe that cheerleading is a competitive sport.

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