The New Star Indicator!

"Helping Your pH Knowledge Shoot for the Stars!"

How the Star Indicator works!

Our brand new Star Indicator works wonders with telling you, our loyal customer, how acidic or basic any liquid is! Our indicator uses the finest pure red cabbage extract, which has a beautiful purple color. The flavin in the red cabbage turns red/pink when an acidic liquid is added to it, or blue/green when a basic liquid is added to it. Pictured here is our beautiful Star Indicator!

Look at How Well the Star Indicator Works!

Star Indicator User Testimonies

"I have been using the Star Indicator for years! It makes my acetic acid shine such a vibrant pink! I just can't stand to use any other indicator!" -Vinny Gare

"I was in a rut and I was desperate to try any indicator I could get my hands on. My good friend was sick of seeing me struggle and recommended that I try the Star Indicator. Listening to this advice was the best decision of my life! At such a reasonable price, it's amazing how great of quality the Star Indicator is! It makes me so perfectly green! I am a Star Indicator customer for life! -Amy Onia

Where to Buy the Star Indicator!

The amazing Star Indicator will "make your pH knowledge shoot for the stars!". You can find the Star Indicator at your local Target, Marc's, and Giant Eagle. You can also find it online on!

Northpoint Independent Industries

Northpoint Independent Industries is the proud creator of the Star Indicator. NII is based out of the kitchen of their founder, Carson Huffer. The Star Indicator has been a long and taxing project for Carson, but she believes very much in the quality of the Star Indicator and assures a lifetime guarantee*.

*Lifetime Guarantee only valid on A graded projects for Carson.