The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

The False Promise of Wealth and Materialism

Jay Gatsby became very wealthy, and had a big house, a couple cars, and lots of clothes. He believed that his wealth would attract the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby threw a lot of parties that he never attended, instead watched the parties from his bed room window hoping that he would attract Daisy. Gatsby was able to catch up with Daisy, but never was able to win her over. Wealth and materials can not buy love and friends.

Relationships Among the Socioeconomic Classes

Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson had a relationship with each other even though they we both married. Tom lived in a nice, big house and had a lot of money. Myrtle lived in the upstairs of a car garage and did not have much money. Most instances the rich people stayed away from the poor. The rich would go to parties and do activities with other people who had money.

The Moral Corruption of American Society

Tom had a very loyal and good looking wife named Daisy. Despite that, Tom had an affair with Myrtle even though he was married. Daisy drives home with Gatsby after a day in the city. Daisy ends up hitting Myrtle with the car which kills Myrtle. Tom, Nick, and Gatsby all know Daisy was the one who hit Myrtle, but no one ever tells the truth. Tom says it was Gatsby and sends Myrtle's husband, George, to Gatsby's house with a gun to kill him.

Appearance vs. Reality

Gatsby seems like rich and successful happy man, but he is really sad with no true friends, and can not get the love of his life. Tom seems like a truthful man, but he is really a cheater and has an affair with Myrtle. Daisy seems like an innocent woman, but she is really a killer and hit Myrtle with Gatsby's car. Nick seems like a good friend to have, but at the end he shakes Tom's hand knowing that he was the reason George shot Gatsby. Jordan seems like a loyal girl to have, but in the end stops seeing Nick for another guy.

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