The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Summarized by Dylan Guidry


The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is about sixteen heirs of Sam Westing's fortune. Sam Westing has various sorts of relationships with each heirs. All the heirs live in Sunset Towers. The heirs receive different clues to determine who will ultimately receive his fortune. Sam Westing owned the Westing Paper Products Corporation and is leaving a large fortune to someone. In the end the answer lies in the four directional coordinates North, South, East, and West.


James Shin Hoo was born in Chicago and is 50 years old. Changed his name to Shin because it was more Chinese sounding. His first wife died and he remarried, he also has one son named Douglas.
Sun Lin Hoo was born in China and is 28 years old. She is an immigrant from Hong Kong.
Douglas Hoo was an 18 year old track star. He was called Doug and his connection to Sam Westing was suing Sam Westing for one of his paper inventions.
Flora Baumbach a dressmaker at the age of 60. Her connection to Sam Westing is making his wife's wedding gown.
Otis Joseph Amber the delivery boy for Sunset Towers with the age of 62. Connection he delivered letters for Sam Westing.
Dr. Denton Deere was 25 years old and graduated from UW Medical School. His connection was with his fiance Angela Wexler who looked like the daughter of Sam Westing.
Sydelle Pulaski age 50 years old and her education was high school. No one knows her connection to Sam Westing.
Berthe Erica Crow had three arrest and was 57 years old. She was Sam Westing's ex wife.
Jake Wexler podiatrist at the age of 45. Was Married for 22 years and has two daughters.
Grace Windsor Wexler she was born Grace Windkloppel at the age of 42. Claims that her uncle was Sam Westing.
Angela Wexler engaged to Denton Deere and is 20 years old. She is also an heir to Sam Westing.
Turtle Wexler her real name was Tabitha-Ruth Wexler and is 13 years old. She likes to kick people in their shin and is a very smart kid. She is also an heir to Sam Westing.
Theo Theodorakis was a high school senior at the age of 17 years old. Always wants to play chess but never finds someone who wants to play.
Christos Theodorakis was in a wheelchair and is 15 years old. Their father was Sam Westing's daughter's crush.
Alexander McSouthers called Sandy and is 65 years old the same as Sam Westing. He worked for 20 years as Sam Westing.
Josie-Jo Ford called J.J. Ford and was 42 years old. She lived in Sam Westing's house because her mom was a servant. He paid for her education.

Main Conflict

Sam Westing's death now possible murder has brought together sixteen strangers. The sixteen heirs are reviewing clues and trying to win Sam Westing's inheritance. Some heirs decide to share clues and others work only with their partner. One heir, Judge Ford hires a private investigator to assist in solving the mystery. The sixteen heirs are all scared because they belief that the murderer is one of them. The main conflict is an external conflict because all of the heirs are trying to find out who murdered Sam Westing.


  • The Westing Game about Sam Westing's death and the sixteen people who are fighting to become the rightful heir.
  • All sixteen heirs live in the same apartment building.
  • Each of the sixteen heirs is awarded ten thousand dollars to aid in determining if they are the rightful heir.
  • The sixteen heirs are divided into pairs.
  • Each pair begin to form a special relationship and review clues together.
  • The sixteen heirs later determine that all of the clues seem to be the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The mystery begins with the death of Sam Westing and they learn that Mr. Westing has been murdered.
  • Mr. Westing has been murdered by one of the sixteen heirs.
  • The heirs range form a judge to a doorman.
  • Each heir has some sort of history with Sam Westing.
  • The mystery becomes frightening with possible bombs, fireworks, and stolen items.
  • In the end Turtle begins to notice that Mr. Westing may still be alive and maybe more than one person.
  • Next clue is that Mr. Westing is also Barney Northrup and then Sandy McSouthers.
  • Finally the last clue is East: Julian R. Eastman.
  • Turtle spends the final night at Julian R. Eastman aka Mr. Westing, Barney Northup, and Sandy Mcsouthers bedside.


"Julian R. Eastman was dead; and with him died Windy Windkloppel, Samuel W. Westing, Barney Northrup, and Sandy McSouthers." (Raskin, 216)
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