Chemical Engineering

Savannah Drewek

What type of work do people in this career preform?

Chemical engineering applies to biology, chemistry, and physics to solve problems. The main problems are the production of food, medicine, chemicals, fuel, and many other products. They create equipment and processes for large scale safe and sustainable manufacturing, treating byproducts, plan and test methods of manufacturing products, and supervise production.

What are major job responsibilities?

Chemical engineers learn to apply the discoveries of chemistry for industrial purposes. They need to learn to use physics, chemistry, and math to make discoveries. Chemical engineers also monitor and direct experiments in other facilities such as refineries and industrial plants.

Important Info

Is there demand for this job in the future?

The outlook for this job in the future (2010-2020) is 6% which is lower than usual. In 2010 the number of jobs in this field was 30,200.

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