Wolverine Wellness Update

Live Well, Work Well

What are you waiting for?!

We can earn a $5,000 bonus to the Wellness pool of money just by having 50% of those of us enrolled in BCBS sign up for Clear Cost. It's easy...just go to their website and create an account (CLICK HERE) .

We need YOU!

Hokey Pokey Clinic Presentation

Don't forget to join us for “Who, What, Where, How, and Why… A Time for Laughter, Motivation, and Pie!!

When: February 22nd

Time: 3:45-4:45pm

Where: Gaylord campus

RSVP: to Jen Strack-->jen.strack@sibleyeast.org

Essential Oils Class

Margaret Knoblach is a massage therapist and a believer in the health benefits of essential oils. She will be coming to share her wisdom about essential oils on:


3:30 - 4:30pm

Arlington Media Center

***She will be offering products at her cost, and no shipping.

Those of you who participated in the 12 Days of Wellness at Christmas time will receive a $10 coupon for an oil of choice.

RSVP to: Rene Moriarty @rene.moriarty@sibleyeast.org

Fisher's Teamwork Challenge

Thursdays, starting March 3rd-April 7th


TM Wellness Revolution (Arlington)

Teamwork Core Conditioning Challenge - for six weeks, we are focusing in on our core, and engaging our abdominal muscles to create a strong and STABLE body. In addition, we will increase our aerobic capacity over the six week challenge. This is a Partner Challenge - participants are highly encouraged to find a teammate for the six week period that they know will show up with them! Do your best to find a teammate, but still come if you can't find one....we will have one on hand (instructor). This is beginner and advanced level friendly, as workouts can and will be scaled up or down based on the needs of participants.