Making a Difference

Carmel Creek January 14, 2016

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Thanks for being a team and open to whatever comes our way!

Thanks to ALL for embracing unpredictable elements (no buses for a field trip) and first time scenerios with our kids (student enjoying the elevator during lunch recess). Love our attitudes and how we take things with great strides, assume positive intentions and work as a team to find the solution. There is always a solution.

What a great first week it has been Arricka! Thanks for jumping right in. And you have the Superintendent's support. Wow!

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Thanks to our District Office Team

Thanks to Rebecca for giving us Arricka.
Thanks to Erin Lain and Mary V. for being supportive with IEP's and processing new families.
Thanks to Caroline and Curt for helping us explore our pedestrian traffic concerns.
Thanks Officer Briggs for being our liaison and part of our CC team.
Thanks tech department, including John, Dan, Mark and Justin for always being there to support us so efficiently.
Thanks CDC for offering our kids great Enrichment and for being flexible during the rain.
Thanks business office for helping us to attend staff professional development seminars and for support us with supply orders.
Thank Molly and Curt for helping with our air conditioning, the landscape back fill near our kinder playground and shade structures.
Thanks Patti, from Foundation, for helping with our fundraising campaign.
Thanks Sal and Susan for helping us process our new hires.
Thanks Greg for always efficiently processing our payroll.
Thanks Kristie Towne for always being so positive with your pearls of wisdom and direction.
Thanks Instructional Services for orchestrating the Learning Walks. They are valued.
Thanks to Siri, and the food service team for helping unveil the new menu at CC.

Margaret and Mashell thought they had it in the bag. After not winning, Peter tries to console them with chocolate and convince the powerball losers that the best thing to get over their grief is Monday morning kinder aerobics.

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Kinders in Mrs. Robert's class are making their New Year's Resolution with healthy choices.

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EL classes are also setting goals.

Inspirational Sayings Found Around Carmel Creek

Kids are excited about writing in second grade. Thanks Mrs. White and Mrs. Tiffany for your coordinated and collaborative efforts.

Math Madness-Lots of rich anchor charts all around.

A special staff thanks.

Thanks to Marissa and Viyan for presenting at our staff meeting.
Thanks to Teri and Susan J. for beginning our planning and preparations for our continued efforts in inclusion and our next Student Success Day.
A huge thanks to Michelle and Susan E. for planning and being so well prepared for our ELAC meeting. Also, thanks for choosing such a wonderful parent liaison.
Thanks to staff who participated in the safety meeting,for those serving on the Disaster Committee.
Thanks to Hugo and Laura, our night custodians for being so supportive and flexible with their schedules.
Thanks Margaret and Mashell for all you do daily (selfishly, glad you didn't win the powerball)
Thanks to our agency nurse who just jumped right in to support us following Helen's leave.
Thanks to our food and nutrition team for your efforts with the new menu.

Thanks to Mrs. Tsai and our Second Team for helping the kids get ready for their performance.

Committee Updates

Grade Level Reps Rosemary, Lauren, Jennifer, Stephanie and Katherine-Thanks for your time to check in.

Disaster Committee
met and will be checking red backpacks, supplies and procedures for search and rescue materials. Some members will be attending the County Active Shooter training. More information coming soon. Thanks Susan, Katie, Roy, Margaret, Mashell and Laurie.

Safety Committee will meet next week. Thanks to all who met this week (Michelle, Stephanie, Susan E. Maria, Katie, Katie Z., Laurie, Marissa, Tracy to review pedestrian supervision. The city will process our requests for pedestrian lighting at crosswalks, increased patrol and proper traffic signs. Caroline is ordering new and improved orange vests. Staff will continue to use pedestrian sign when crossing. A meeting is being scheduled with Terry Decker, Officer Briggs, Lisa and Caroline Brown to continue to find solutions and to further define best supportive measures for all. Thanks for the open dialogue and teamwork. Let's keep the conversations going.

Tech Committee met and discussed strategic plan goals, ipad replacement schedule, twitter, if this then that app, google classroom, ed camp staff meeting discussions. Thanks Summer and Catherine for your time and we look forward to future staff meeting planning information.

Site Wellness Committee first meeting next week, January 19th.
Character Ed Committee meeting on January 28th.
Disaster Preparedness Follow up meeting, January 28th.
Site STREAM meeting February 2nd.

Have a great Monday off-Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

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