Night of The Twister

By, Ivy Ruckman

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Dan Hatch is twelve. He on June,4 went thru two tornados out of seven. The first one was at home when his house got destroyed. The second was in a cop car when the cop got glass in his eyes. Dan's best friend Arthur Darlington was with Dan in both tornado's and he found his parents but Dan didn't. Dan's mom is sweet and nice and she was at her neighbors house Ms. Smiley's. And she had to get in a car because she wasn't in the house yet. Dan's dad John Hatch was at Dan's grandparent's house helping fix the tractor. Stacey Darlington is Arthur's older sister. Ronnie Vae Darlington is Arthur's other older sister. Aunt Goldie is Dan and Ryan's aunt. Ms. Smiley is Dan and Ryan's neighbor. Baby Ryan is Dan's little baby brother. Grandpa Hatch is Dan and Ryan's grandpa. Grandma Hatch is Dan and Ryan's grandma.

The Problem and Solution

The problem in this book is that there is a tornado swirling around Dan Hatch's house and destroys it so he has to go on this big adventure to find his parents and his neighbor Ms. Smiley. And he cannot find his parents so, a police found him and took them to the Police Headquarter's and are in the women's section for the night. The solution is that Dan ran to k- Mart but wouldn't let him in because there had been flooding in it so then he tried to run back but he heard this truck following him so he looked back and it was his brother and his parent's.

The Setting

The setting in this book is Grand Island, Nebraska on Sand Crane Drive. At Dan Hatch's house for part of it and the Darlington's too. Also the police headquarters' and Dan and Ryan's grandparent's farm. It is a very nice place I go there every summer and think you should too!!!

The Summary

The summary is that Dan Hatch and Arthur Darlington are home alone and they are in a tornado in the basement. When the tornado destroys Dan's house they can't get out until Stacey Arthur's older sister get's them out. When they got out they went to there neighbor's house to look for Dan's mom when they find her they go to find Ms. Smiley there neighbor. When they got there they went in the basement and got her out of the house. Then a police found them and went into the police's is car and when they were in it a second tornado hit them but they were fine and then Dan got to drive because the police couldn't see. When they got to the police headquarters they went to the women's section and stayed the night. They woke up and went downstairs to the lobby and asked to leave to find there parent's. so they left Arthur and Stacey found there mom and dad but Dan didn't so he tried to run to k-mart to get his mom but no one could go in because there had been flooding in it. So he tried to runback but he found that a truck was following him and it was his parent's and baby Ryan so they stayed at there grandparent's till there house was fixed.
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