Sammy Davis Jr.

Can he really "Talk To The Animals"?

How Did Sammy Start?

He sings, dances, and acts a bit as well. At age 3 (1928) Sammy performed with his dad in the Matin Trio in Vaudeville. His filming career started when he was a young child in 1933. He was in the first Rat Pack Film, Ocean's 11. He got a starring role on Broadway in 1956, Mr. Wonderful. 1964 he played in a musical Golden Boy. In 1996 Sammy had his own T.V. show called, The Sammy Davis Jr Show.

Awards, Songs, And Albums

He had 4 awards in his lifetime, and some he got after he died, in 1987 he got 2 awards, the NAACP Image Award (Hall Of Fame), and Kennedy Center Honors. In 2001 he earned Grammy Lifetime, and in 2002 he got the Grammy Hall Of Fame. A few songs that he wrote were:

  • "The Candy Man"
  • "I've Gotta Be Me"
  • "Gonna Build a Mountain"
  • "Talk to The Animals"
  • "Don't Blame The Children"
  • "Love Me Or Leave Me"

A few albums Sammy made were:

  • 1955 "Just for Lovers"
  • 1957 "It's All Over but the Swingin' "
  • 1958 "Mood to Be Wooded"
  • 1961 "The Wham Of Sam"
  • 1966 "The Sound of '66"

Fun Facts!

Sammy was born on December 8, 1925, and died on May 16, 1990. He was born in Harlem New York City. His full name is Sammy Davis Jr. His height was 5 '5. He has had 3 wife's, Loray White 1958-1959 his first wife, May Britt 1960-1968 his second wife, and Altovis 1970-1990 his third wife(his wife before he died). He had 4 children, Jeff, Tracey, Mark, and Manny Davis.
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)