East Limestone Volunteer Newsletter

Introduction Edition

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Your Student Government Association needs parent volunteers!!

We Care!

Our Student Government Association is working to get more parents involved. Now is your chance! This newsletter will be updated periodically and include information for parents, teachers, and kids!

What kind of jobs are available?

We have several opportunities to help out around campus!

- Landscaping upkeep

- Reading to kids during the school day

- Helping with clubs

- Campus clean up - 4 custodians for 1300 people! Just pick up stuff as you do your laps around the school!

- Making copies for teachers

- Disinfecting during the week - after school

- Brainstorming for more ways to improve our campus - All by email!

How do I sign up to help?

Just follow the link to the sign up genius! It will walk you through. You can sign up for as many opportunities as you like! Once we have our volunteers we will schedule!

Do I have to be board approved?

If you are working directly with the students you will have to be board approved. If you are cleaning or working outdoors after school then you do not.

Here is the link to the process:


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