Conversations and Relationships

Communicating with E Learning Advisers & other Stakeholders

Best Practices

At NCVPS it is our belief and philosophy that communication and relationships are vital to student success. School site E Learning Advisors are critical links to our students and the support components available to them at their school. Click here to view best practices and strategies used to communicate with School Site ELAs and other stake Holders.

When You, the Teacher, have a Problem

When teaching in a an online environment, more so maybe than that in a face to face setting, communication is key. Often, you the online teacher has an issue, a problem, or a challenge with a specific student. It is when these situations arise that communication with a school site Advisor is even more imperative. Click here to to view strategies and practices that work when an NCVPS teacher has an issue or a problem...

When They, the ELA, don't Respond

Nothing can stunt the success of a student or derail the progress of a student's growth faster than a lack of communication between an E Learning Advisor and you the NCVPS teacher. Click here to view strategies that deal with ELAs that do not respond when contacted.

When the E Learning Adviser is Dissatisfied

As it is with all educational enterprises, on occasion a stake holder may become frustrated or dissatisfied. As an NCVPS teacher that is no different. Occasionally an E Learning Advisor may become dissatisfied or frustrated with an NCVPS process, policy, or the way a students experience is unfolding. Click here to view strategies that are proven to work when the stake holder is frustrated or dissatisfied E learning Advisers...