January 15, 2016

Long Weekend

No school on Monday! I have enjoyed seeing kids working this week and am trying to schedule some walk-throughs for when departments are doing the same lesson. I'm doing this so we can discuss any differences that we can all learn from. From what I've seen so far, everyone is working hard - I've been really struck at how rigorous all of you started back. I love going in rooms and being challenged by the student work.

Great start to the semester!

Next Week.....

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Melton meeting @ admin....I'll be in around lunch

Thursday: Boys home vs. Van, Girls @ Van

Friday: Band All-Region Clinic in Canton

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. - MLK Jr.

I know it is hardwired into us to want to see the whole staircase (or at least know for sure that it's there), but that's just not the way life was designed.

We are required to step and believe - that's the only proof of trust and faith.

Stepping and knowing doesn't leave room for God (or for anything more powerful than ourselves).

We weren't put here to take steps when we already know the outcome.

It takes hard work from all of us, I know that, but the reward comes from the trust: trust that we are daily doing the things that need to be done, trust that the larger plan we've worked on is the right course of action, and trust that our students can represent the extent of that work. There is no reward from control.

In May, we will all be able to see the staircase.

Frazier - Foreman

Both of them had birthdays this last week. Frazier passed on a few years ago, but big George is still with us....selling grills. This is a devastatingly short fight. Joe Frazier was an absolute warrior, but the size difference was enormous. Foreman's punching power was off the charts.
1973 kingston Joe Frazier vs George Foreman complete 2-2