News from Room 219


This week we... about Henry and Mudge, worked on learning about nouns, did more scientific process inquiry, continued place value to 1000 work in math, made and used Robust Vocabulary dominoes, played our first Kahoot and LOTS more! We are busy, busy, busy. We've also continued to work on our Dragon Pride behavior skills. We are ready to have parent volunteers, so watch for a request that I'll send using the ClassMessenger app. (**sign up if you haven't)

Our Homework Rewards

Each Friday if students have turned in their homework & have their classwork done, too, they are allowed to put their Pop Top on a square on this board. At the end of the day we roll 2 dice - one that has the letters STARS and one with the number (think bingo board) & whoever has their pop top in that space wins a pick from the prize box. We have 2 winners each week. They were AMAZINGLY good sports last week and cheered for those who won. Love it!

This week's homework...

Henry and Mudge is on line 3 of the RAH sheet. This is due Thursday.

Math - always due Tuesday.

Speak Up - on their day.

Upcoming Events

Next Friday (Oct. 2) we'll be bused to watch the Homecoming Parade. We have our first 2 hour late start on Oct. 7 & and picture day on Oct. 9.