Mirabella Miranda - 2nd Period

Introducing the newest element... Mm

Atomic Mass: 15.02

Discoverers: Ernesto & Melinda Miranda

Occurrence: High concentrated deposits located in the mall. Extremely low quantities at Antarctica.

Some pictures of this Element

Mm is the coolest element of them all!

Physical Properties

1. Surface Properties: Brunette, Tan skin, Brown eyes

2. Boils when... tired

3. Melts when sees cute cats

4. Can cause laughter when with friends

5. Specimen can be found in various states; happy when eating food, sad when bored.

6. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when hungry.

Chemical Properties

1. Is repelled by mean people

2. Is attracted to food and people with nice hair

3. May explode spontaniously when bored

4. Requires copious amounts of food

5. Is inert if tired

6. Will repel bugs

7. Is imperious to running