Bailey Williams

August 27

Ohana Means Family

My dad is 67 and my mom is 45. I know.
But regardless my dad is my hero. And he takes me to Kenny Chestknee.
I have two bothers and one sister and we are only half related.

my little brother is the most annoying thing on the planet but he is okay somedays.
my eldest brother had a daughter named Tinsely and she is quite the pet lover and then their is my long lost twin! Lacey is 6 years older but most places we go, many people ask her how much older I am than her.


I have three best friends, my mom, my boyfriend and my wrestling buddy.
My mom went to every event I was ever in, and she cheered front row. Even though she was not a fan of wrestling.
My boyfriend was my cousins best friend since 2nd grade. We have been dating for a year and he is my favorite hunting buddy.
This is Jordan Kader, days when we had to wrestle all day in practice and i was lazy. I would pick her. Being she is two weight classes below me wasn't that much work to win.

Off The Clock

My freshman year I was part of the JV team for softball and then decided I was more fit for dance and tried out for the drill team here at the high school.

I was on the dance team for two years and my first year i was part of the competition team and we won grand champions at our last competition. This past year I thought i needed more to do to keep me busy and I had heard about wrestling from my algebra teacher. Practiced for a couple weeks, did pretty well, and found my weight class. In a few months I was going to tournaments and duals. In no time at all, I was at district and won second, and then went to reginals in third and our whole team of ten girls made it to state.
while I danced, I looked up to my officers like they hung the moon and all. My Junior year i tried out for officer and made Colonel(colonel, Lt. Colonel, Lt.) but after some problems I was asked to step down. Dealing with that and trying to keep the peace with the team was very difficult. But I am very mature for my age at times that situation just helped me grow in that way.