Allyson Schall


Nike is a corporation because when I searched it, it appeared as Nike, INC. Which proves that it is indeed a corporation.

Benefits of having a Corporation

  • There is a separate legal entity from founders and managers of the company
  • The life of a corporation is independent of the owners and managers
  • It is also easy to transfer ownership and sell stock

History of Nike

It was founded in 1964 by Phill Knight and Bill Bowerman who was distance runner. Bill Bowerman was trying to find ways to enhance his student's performances and he also made their shoes better as well.


  • In 1972, they released their training shoes for the U.S Track & Field Trials
  • By 1982, they had become the No. 1 supplier for athletic/training shoes in America
  • In 2012, Nike was making more than $24 Billion
  • Nike employs more than 44,000 people and is valued at $10 billion

Would you Invest?

Yes, I would invest to this and purchase Nike's stock. I would do this because they have good products that are comfy and nice to wear. My friend's also wear nike quite a bit which means that it must be a good product for everyone.