Perseverance in the making

By: Andrew Popovich


These people showed perseverance throughout their life because they never gave in to what people thought of them they just kept moving forward. To show what i mean i will talk about 3 famous people.

The Winston Churchill's Perseverance

Perseverance means that someone keeps going despite the difficulty.

Winston Churchill was a legendary orator and prolific writer. He was born on November 30, 1874. During his childhood, Churchill was not the best student since he got into a lot of trouble. Throughout his life he has shown hard work, tenacity, and strength in war. For example “he traveled to Cuba to watch Spanish troops put down a rebellion” (Rosenberg 1). This reveals Churchill’s commitment and interest in world affairs during that time. However, he is best known for being a tenacious and forthright war leader that led his country against the seemingly undefeated Nazis during World War ll, and also a famous author. During his time, he gave his speech “Blood,Toil, Tears, and Sweat” in the House of Commons which inspired the British troops to fight against their enemy.Winston stated, “Never give in. never,never, never,- in nothing, great or small,large or petty except convictions of honour and good sense”(Churchill 2) . Winston Churchill then actively courted the United States to join the fight against the Nazi Germany and then winning the World War ll. Winston was loyal to his country, therefore, he will always be remembered.

Photos of Winston Churchill

Reason of these photos

I picked these photo's since they show his true exact emotions and how they were showed throughout these adversity's.

Compare and contrast between Jackie Robinson and Branch Ricky

Jackie Robinson was the first African American in The Major League baseball team. He got this job do to Branch Rickey wanting to create the Noble Experiment which would allow all African Americans to play in the Major League. Branch rickey did this so African American’s can have the same rights as whites in baseball. The reason Branch Rickey did this is to change history between African Americans and Whites. He was looking for an African American who had the guts to stand up to racist comments and poor judgement from other teammates. Furthermore, this shows that Jackie Robinson did not give in to racist comments and decides to keep going throughout his adversities.

Losing to win

“Losing To Win” is a short video about a group of girls who are facing many challenges. Some

Some problems they faced were :

Parents were alcoholic , drug users, not there

One girl ran away from home.

be drug free , Overcoming challenges , so they were sent to Carroll Academy.

The girls at Carroll Academy had low self esteem, which could lead to loosing interest in your daily life. They tried their best to get through the program but since they didn't know how they should have decided to play basketball. Throughout the season they persisted and triumphed in many situations, to do this they set their hearts on making new friends. They achieved what they thought was not possible, they were surprised by getting higher scores than their previous basketball games.

In other terms they believed in themselves at the very end to impact their life skills and choices to become better people..


These people didn't stop being resilient they just kept moving forward toward their goals and that is how they were known throughout history.