Hat's Off TOMS December 7, 2015

Hats off to all our wonderful Paras who are always quick thinkers and trying different strategies for their students with many different needs!!

Hats off to all the teachers who give Tami and Kerry a Hi and smile on their way through the office! Makes our day.

Hats off to Duane Johnson for giving a top shelf effort 100% of the time and top notch communication effort ! It is greatly appreciated ! From your crew.

Hats off to Brian Anderson for taking his lunch time twice a week to play floor hockey with kids to encourage no missing assignments! Awesome!!!

Thank you Amanda Fay for supporting me each day-it is nice to have someone who I can count on between schools!

Thank you Michelle for going through all carts and making sure APPS are ready to go.

Dante Ulanday 1

christmas relaxing by Dante Ulanday 1