The Hunger Games Final

Mrs. McDermott's 7th Grade Language Arts Class

Make Your Own Comic Strip

You will be designing and creating your own comic strip based on your favorite scene from The Hunger Games. Your comic strip will need to be at least 8 squares. You should have few words describing the scene. The scene needs to be mostly sketches or pictures. Your comic strip needs to have color. You will have class time to work on your comic strip. Once your comic strip is complete, you will share it with the class.

Steps for Creating Your Comic Strip

Step 1

Choose your favorite scene from The Hunger Games. You can choose any scene from the book you feel you can accurately depict in a comic strip.

Step 2

Decide how you want to depict your scene. Do you want to have detailed characters or detailed scenery? Are you going to need a lot of text to describe your scene? Are you going to have the characters speak the scene or will your pictures be able to speak for themselves.

Step 3

Draw a rough draft of your comic strip. The rough draft does not need to have color on it, but should be able to show the scene accurately.

Step 4

Show a peer your comic strip and ask them if they understand it and know the scene you are drawing. If they do not understand or know the scene, ask them how you can make it easier to understand. Listen to their suggestions.

Step 5

Make a final draft of your comic strip, complete with color, on provided comic strip paper. You should use suggestions from your peer that you think will help your comic strip.

Step 6

Share your comic strip with the class.