Free to be You

Open Minded Keeps Us Binded

Why We're Here?

In our previous society there was constant judging and contention as a result of single minded thinking in people's ideas and beliefs. We hope to create a successful Utopian Society that will allow people to expand their prospective on more diverse views about the world we live in.

Who you are and who you will become

If you are in our society you are open minded and have the ability to listen to other's ideas and beliefs, accept differences in opinion, and respectfully share your personally ideas. As a result of becoming a member of "Free to be You', you can benefit through the following aspects:

  • You can gain knowledge about ample subjects
  • You are more willing to try new and exciting things
  • You will be able to accept diverse ideas and look past judgement
  • Through open mindedness you gain the ability to discover a person's true personality
  • You will not be brought down by negative thoughts
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The American Dream

What is the American Dream? Everyone wants to be able to express themselves freely without being judged. Our society is exactly that. There are equal rights that are unchanging among all social classes. Fahrenheit 451 demonstrates the opposite of how 'Free to be You' will operate . For example in the book people don't interact with each other, and they live in a corporate, bureaucratic, and technological dystopia.
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Fahrenheit 451

Our utopia is different from the society in Fahrenheit 451 because...

  • Ideas are being forced on and taken away from the people in F451
  • There is very little human interaction in F451
  • New knowledge and ideas are introduced to you in FTBY (Free to be You)
  • You will become a happier person who tries new things in FTBY
  • You have the opportunity to appreciate the pure and real things in this world that aren't from technology in FTBY
The intellectual will be viewed equally, but with great respect. In order to become successful in our society it is necessary to build intelligence throughout your life. In F451 both Montag and Fable are willing to risk their lives to be able to gain more knowledge from reading, everyone in our society will be similar to there two people.


People who are single minded and are not open to other ideas will not be successful in our community. Also people who don't appreciate the ability to grow an intelligence in knowledge won't enjoy living in FTBY. If you are not fit for this way of life you will first be politely asked to leave and if you don't you will be escorted out.

Drawbacks may include people get offended or offend other people despite of our lifestyle. If any person wants to leave our society, they have the privilege to do so without any inconvenience of difficulty.

FTBY could be considered a dystopia to people who uncompromising when they hear other ideas, and to those who seek attention.