Summer Kickoff Newsletter

Discovery Middle School Band

Check Google Classroom for our latest big announcement! (as of 5/27)

You did it!

You made it through the weirdest spring semester EVER!

A huge congratulations to our DMS Band 8th graders for finishing their middle school years. We are SO proud of you and will miss you terribly! This last day of school is bittersweet as usual, but much harder this year when we can't give you hugs and high fives. We will find ways to celebrate you as much as we can! You helped make the band what it is today and we will always be grateful to you!

We can't wait to see the great things you accomplish! Thanks for making the world better!

HAVE FUN in high school band!!!

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Click the link to a google folder below - ADD YOUR FAVORITE PICS OF 8th GRADE FUN in DMS Band!

THANK YOU Sellers Family!

A HUGE shoutout and special thank you to Karyl and Gary Sellers and their fantastic french horn playing guard gal, Nona. We absolutely could not have made this year what it was without you guys. You guys are an extremely special family and have devoted so much time, resources and attention to Discovery Bands! Y'all have done everything from being a phenomenal band treasurer for years, driving the truck/logistics king, organizing the band room and even hanging things for us in the hallways! Whatever we needed, you guys were willing to help make it happen and that is a very special thing!

It is easy to tell that you guys are thoughtful and kind people with a huge heart for our band program. We would absolutely not be what we are without you!

From all the band students, band parents and ESPECIALLY your band directors -- THANK YOU SO MUCH and we will miss having you! You'll always be part of the Panther Band family!!

DMS Instrument Return Update

PLEASE give us our instruments back! :)

We will be hosting a drive-through instrument return day sometime in early June. This Instrument Return Day will be at DMS and it is required for you to return DMS instruments to us. Details will be released next week in a document drafted by DMS admin. Go ahead and make sure all parts are in the case, and the instrument is as clean as you can get it (without damaging it!).

We are desperate to get our instruments back in the best condition we can get them so we can get them prepared for next year. Remember, we will not have most of the summer to go in and organize inventory like usual, so please return instruments in a timely manner to the best of your ability!

This really just means "please keep checking your email so you know when instrument return day happens!" Don't leave us just because "school's out!"

Thank you all for your patience in all of this.

We couldn't do this without you! You'll hear from us next week!

8th Grade info from BJHS Bands

I have included the information here pasted from the email Ms. Thomas and Mr. Smart sent out this week. We are all currently working on getting rising 9th grader email addresses transferred through Charms.

Basic ideas:

--Rookie Camp is cancelled since we aren't allowed into the school buildings still. Adjustments will be made and will learn to march at the beginning of band camp (as of now).

--Band Camp will continue to be scheduled for the end of July/Beginning of August until the band directors hear specific directives otherwise from Madison City Schools.

--If you'd like a marching instrument for the summer ($25), see information below about Summer Instrument check out day on 5/26. Email or with questions.

--Thank you for being flexible.


Here’s the text of the email:


I hope this email finds you safe and well. We want to go over a few things as this crazy semester comes to an end. I know many of you have questions, and we will do the best we can to answer them, but please be patient as we waiting for more guidance from the local and state levels. Here are some things we have been able to move forward on.

1. We will have a locker clean out day on Tuesday, May 26th. This will be done in shifts and abide by all current social distancing mandates. We are allowed to have no more than 10 people in the band room at a time, so we are scheduling different time slots for you to come and clean out your locker.

Seniors and Juniors - 8:00-12:00

Sophomores and Freshman - 12:00-4:30

Any items left in the lockers after this clean out day will be thrown away.

2. Instrument check in and out will occur also during these times. If you have a school horn from the spring semester, you need to turn those in during the designated time.

If you plan to rent an instrument over the summer, this will happen during this period as well. Rental fee is $25 for the summer.

3. Seniors: We will pass out senior awards and items out to you on this day.

4. We have received many questions regarding graduation. Due to logistics and health concerns, we will not be playing for the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 27th.

5. Our virtual band banquet video is almost complete and will be released via a youtube link as soon as possible. We look forward to recapping the year, honoring members with awards, revealing our plans for fall shows, and celebrating our seniors!

6. Given the information that we have received so far, we do believe that we will have a band camp of some sort. We are awaiting guidance from the state to know when that might be and will send out that information as soon as we have a more concrete plan from the district. As of right now, band camp will go on as scheduled starting July 13. However, as the start date of school gets pushed back (as is being proposed), so will the start date of band camp.

7. Since schools are closed until June 1, we are not able to hold our rookie camp this year (scheduled for May 27-29). We will alter our band camp teaching structure accordingly to compensate. We will, however, be posting music and instructional videos throughout the summer. Any new members are encouraged to view them, practice, and use them as a tool to prepare for band camp.

Again, I know everyone is anxious for things to get back to normal and I can assure you, we are as well. We know that it may look a little different but we will proceed with the safety of each member in mind. We can't wait to see everyone in the Fall. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Kevin Smart

Asst. Director of Bands

Bob Jones High School

Jazz Band 2020-2021 Announcement!

Change for our class schedules next year:

Jazz Band has been removed as a CLASS at Discovery for the upcoming year. This is not a decision we made lightly, because we LOVE having our jazz band during the day!

That being said - we will host a jazz band AFTER SCHOOL for all of our Concert and Symphonic Band students to be able to enjoy! Hopefully this will allow more people to participate and we can start it in the fall and host it throughout the year.

This change also allows our beginner percussion class to meet all year long, which will REALLY help our growing beginner band program! We have more students signed up this year than last year, and we are really looking for ways to avoid our overcrowded band room.

So...get ready for an AMAZING after school DMS Jazz Band in 2020-2021!! We can't wait!

Band Lockers

Due to the limited access to the DMS building (teachers only got 2 hours on 1 day this week, our badges are still deactivated) -- Mrs. Merritt and Ms. Parker had to do a quick and abbreviated instrument inventory.

This meant that we had to see which instruments were still at DMS so we could prepare for summer cleaning/repair plans as well as instrument return drop off.

For those of you who did NOT come on either of our 2 days we hosted times to come by the band room and get belongings, we had to get into your lockers and clean them out for you. For some, this means you will not be able to get your lock back because we had to cut it if you did not give us your passcode as requested - sorry! Don't count on getting your lock back if you left it at DMS.

We saved binders and books left in the lockers and will have to distribute those next year when students are allowed back in the building.

Thanks for understanding and remaining flexible and supportive!

Orlando Refund Info

Thank you, first and foremost, for your patience in this matter. It is unprecedented what we are facing with this task and there are many many cogs turning to make it happen.

As you probably already know, the money you turn in to DMS Bands quickly goes out of our band accounts and into the hands of our travel agent. She then distributes this money early in the year to companies throughout the southeast so we can fund our trip. Since the refund had to start with these companies, back to the travel agent (who is refunding many additional trips, also) and then back to us before we can get it to you - the process is lengthy and not fun. Obviously - its different when working with a school account versus a personal account and we appreciate you guys understanding and supporting us through this!

Mrs. Jenkins (choir director), Ms. Parker and Mrs. Merritt are all working extremely diligently to make sure this gets into your hands as quickly as we are able get it to you.

Thank you so much for your patience - we know everyone is going through tough times and some are really struggling financially with all of these changes in our economy. We appreciate your support and will continue to update you when we can. We are all so disappointed that this trip did not happen, but are thankful for being able to keep our students and families safe!

Thank you!

Update from JCHS re: Madison Music Camp 2020

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Keep checking back in next week via email to get a super fun special announcement from your band directors! :)

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