Elijah of Buxton

Summary by: Ivan Hale


Elijah- Elijah is the first boy in his settlement to be born free. He is great at stone fishing and is Fragile meaning scared or weak

Cooter - Cooter is Elijah's best friend. He is just like Elijah except not as smart.

Elijah's Mom- Elijah's mom is the one that said Elijah was fragile. But Elijah doesn't like that because shes scared of frogs just like he is of snakes.

Elijah's Dad- Elijah's Dad is is a sort of lax person. He only gets mad at Elijah when Elijah's mom tells him too.

Preacher- The preacher is the man that started the settlement. He also has a mystery pistol, The mystery is how he got it.

Emma Collins- Emma Collins is the greeter of new slaves. This is her job because she is so fragile that she doesn't scare anyone.

Mawee- Mawee is a boy from the circus that the preacher stole cause he thought he was a slave

Hope Too-ma-ee-nee- This is a girl Elijah brought back to buxton after going to michigan. He brought her back because she was a slave baby.

Main conflict

The main conflict is an external conflict with the preacher and Elijah. It is about Elijah's talent in rock fishing. The preacher takes Elijah to the circus. He tells the manager about Elijah's talent. But as they're talking He sees's Mawee and and grabs Elijah and leaves Saying " It wasn't what I thought it was". ( Curtis,2007)

Story plot

  • Elijah gets told that hoop snakes are in there settlement and finds out what the do to you.
  • Elijah runs home screaming and his mom calls him fragile.
  • Elijah goes to do his job for Mr. Seege And to get his fish bait (The horseflies from Mr. Seege's barn.
  • Elijah goes to his secret pond to fish.
  • The preacher sees Elijah and says he has a great talent.
  • Preacher asks Elijah is he wants to help out the settlement.
  • Elijah and The preacher go to the fair and watch a couple of shows.
  • The preacher then goes talk to the manager and says elijah is a slave boy named ahbo.
  • The manager asks to see Elijah's talents and they go to Madam Saber's tent.
  • Elijah has a challenge with Madam Saber and wins.
  • The preacher and manager start talking about the the amount of pay they would get.
  • The preacher sees Mawee and realized that they are racist and leaves.
  • Elijah helps Mr. Leroy with a sign he was making.
  • Mr. Leroy gets paid 2000$ so he can buy his family back.
  • The Preacher steals the money to go gamble.
  • Mr. Leroy and Elijah go to get him.
  • Mr. Leroy Dies and tells Elijah to Get the money or kill the Preacher.
  • Elijah finds the Preacher Dead in a barn.
  • There were 6 slaves there and the mother told him to bring her daughter to Canada to be free.
  • Her Name was Hope To-ma-ee-nee and Elijah gave her the free speech.

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