they celebrate birthday, weddings, Christenings everyday in holiday to celebrate.

they wear white headdress that is made of feathers .Some white headdress are different.

they celebrate birthday, parties, fairy bread is sliced into square, spread with margarine or butter, topped

with colored sprinkles.

Australia day is the official national day of Australia. celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships at port Jackson, New south whales, and raising of the flag of great Britain at that site by governor Arthur Phillip.

they celebrate Christmas and some other special holidays that they celebrate in Australia.

they hunt Easter eggs and eat the chocolate Easter egg.

they celebrate queens birthday at the football stadium and it means football are playing football.


they always speak English everyday in the whole world and in the city and in the university.



feng, shuiyoga , taichi.





meat pies.

grilled chicken breast with barbecue glaze.

chicken and sausage.

made of chicken with spices.

They served with various salad.

Ham and egg pies.

cereal with cold milk, fruit juice.

famous people

Gina Rinehart.


The next three years saw major changes in Australia's social and economic policy.

most people was born in Sydney.

In Australia.


include a map and a flag.

It stands for the following :...four , larger , seven pointed stars: it is based on the British blue ensign as the flag was originally.

weather varies hot and dry. Snow is rare in southern Australia.

Time zone GMT +10 hours.

National symbol Kangaroo.

other intresting information

dangerous animal shark , snake , spider , jellyfish.

architecture like Boyd and Roy grounds have argued for the importance of modern Austrilia.

fashion style that is able to be clearly distinguished interpreting the popular style in surcoats and overblouses, like 'Rosetta of Clifton' and 'Franosa'.

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