Water Safety Initiative

Keep Watch Campaign

Water Safety

The royal saving has developed the 'keep watch' public awareness and campaign to help parents. It focuses on four key safety actions: active supervision, restrict access, water awareness and to learn resuscitation.

Active supervision:

children can drown in less time than it takes to answer the door or telephone.

Restrict Access:

To keep children safe install an effective barrier between your children and water. Pool fences allow kids to play safe and stay out of harms way. A fence can be a very effective barrier, the can be put around pools, spas, dams and lakes.

Water Awareness:

Swimming and Survive lessons can prepare children to be water safe, and it can be great fun for the whole family.

For more information go to www.keepwatch.com.au website given

284 people have drowned in Australian waterways in percentage every season every year.

summer 31%

autumn 26%

winter 19%

spring 23%

At the beach in the ocean 57% of drowning happen when boating and 37% when diving, 2% none aquatic transport and the other 5% is unknown.

New South Wales is one of the most drowning prone area anywhere in Australia with a river/creek/stream death toll in Australia after QLD with a 19 river/creek/stream