Volume 1 Issue 15 January 26, 2016 PRINCIPAL JOHNSON


  • Faculty Meeting- Monday, 2/1 @ 3:05 in the library
  • School Leadership Committee Meeting- Monday, 2/1/ @ 2 PM in the library
  • Priority Schools Implementation Team Meeting- Tuesday, 2/2 @ 1:30 in the library


Any changes or adjustments to your SGO's MUST be COMPLETED and uploaded by 2/15/16. If you are planning to make a change, please see Principal Johnson beginning Monday, 2/1.

Ms. Adams will be in the building on Tues., 2/2 & Thurs., 2/4 and will attend GL meetings on the 4th.


Please adjust your lesson plans to include topics & activities focusing on American Black History Month for the month of February. It is expected that all staff members will participate in classroom and school wide activities. Our Black History Program is scheduled for 2/26/16. Team leaders must submit the title and type of their grade level performance to Principal Johnson by Fri., 2/5 for approval.


In lieu of preparing a binder, Principal Johnson will distribute a list of items to include for Domain 4. At a later date, you will be directed to upload those items as artifacts on TeachScape. Submission of binders will NOT be required.