By: Elin Kelsey / a book report By: Beth Ellsworth

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Owls is all about how owls hunt. I always wondered why owls eyes are so big. It turns out that owls have big eyes to help them see better and spy small crawling animals from far away. I chose this book because I always thought owls were so cute, but when it comes to territory, owls can be vicious. Sometimes when a male owl attracts a female owl, the male owl scares the female off for entering its territory.

I would recommend this book for anybody who is interested in owls because I learned a lot from this book and I enjoyed it.

Owl's Wings

An owl's wing does not have have tightly packed feathers like other birds. They are spread apart, owl's wings are very quiet. Try this to help you understand. Hold your hands together and clap your fingers tightly. Then, spread your fingers apart and clap them. Much quieter right? That's how owls wings help them hunt. They are much quieter.

Nest Building

When owls build nests they lack talent. Owls don't try to keep it very neat unlike other birds. Owls usually just pick a branch that will hold a bunch of sticks,the owl, and maybe even some owlets.