The Berlin Wall: A Nation Divided

By Davon Hardy

Information about the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was created as the physical symbol of the bipolarization that was going on in the Communist and Non-Communist World. The wall was constructed in August of 1961 by German Democratic Republic/ East Germany in order to separate the East from the West.

How Did We Get Here?

In The Beginning

So we all should know that The Berlin Wall was created after the Berlin airlift and the Berlin blockade. Also the Berlin Wall was created to show the separation of Germany among NATO and the Warsaw Pact but there's another reason why the wall was created. It was also kept the West and East from going to war. Khrushchev warned President Kennedy that he would blockade West Germany if the Western forces aren't removed and that could potentially led to a war. Kennedy was never for the wall but he had no choice but to accept it. (

During The Wall

The wall was created in 1961 and the wall was actually two separate walls that divided the country. The Berlin Wall was used to keep the East Germany separated from West Germany but actually over 500,000 people escaped from one side to another by going under the wall. Even though there were guards ready to shoot, only 138 people actually died trying to cross the wall. The Berlin Wall is 11 feet 10 inches high and 97 miles long so when they say that it separated the entire country, it really did. (

Ending It All

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All Because Of One

The Berlin Wall came down by accident. The guy pictured above told people in a press conference that the travel visa restrictions and how they are going to stop. They asked him when it was going to happened and he told them immediately. With that response, everybody from West and East Germany came out on Novemeber 9, 1989 to witness the fall of the wall that wasn't supposed to fall until the next day and the travel visa would still be in effect. The demolishment of the Berlin Wall didn't start until June 13, 1990 and was completed by 1992. (
There is more many hidden truth behind the Berlin Wall that nobody really thinks about until it is presented in front of them