Rocket Weekly News

Week of Jan. 11 to Jan. 15

Each Day, Each Child, SUCCESS!

Core Beliefs

  • *Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.
  • *Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance.
  • *There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.
  • *With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students.
  • *Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence
  • How Beliefs =Results

    Last week I challenged us to reflect on the alignment of our beliefs and behaviors, to see if they were aligned to our results. If after your reflection time you found that your are completely aligned to your results, then you are way ahead of many :) and to you I offer Kudos! For the rest of us, I researched ways to help us realign our beliefs to our actions, ultimately leading to the results we desire.

    Our beliefs influence our values, values influence our attitude, our attitude drives our behavior, our behavior drives our actions and our actions = our results. We can see how the power of the mind greatly influences our results & our level of success.

    So how can you achieve classroom success and happiness each day, or at least how do you greatly influence your results?

    1) Write a list of your core values. Ask yourself what values are important to you? What do you feel will make you successful and happy?E.G. Hard working, committed, honest, creative, flexible, competitive, friendly, passionate etc.

    2) Then write down a question you could ask each day regarding the values you have listed. Maximum of 5 questions per value. Keep it to a mangeable total (less than 30) so it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. E.G Did I do something today which demonstrated my ability to be flexible?

    3) Write it down somewhere, do this at the end of every day or twice a week and assess how you are performing against your 'values' to success.

    There are 3 different values you can based your list on : achievement, relationship and personality. Happiness in our personal life is equally important as our professional life, if the scale is balanced then you have the perfect mindset to achieve your goals. When there is an imbalance then we focus more on the other E.G. unhappy in our home life we throw ourselves into our business life.

    Week at a Glance Week of 1/11 to 1/15

    Monday 1/11

    *ACP Make-ups

    3:15 Monday Meeting- Bring a copy of your lesson Plans!

    Tuesday 1/12

    *ACP Make-ups

    8:00-12:00 Safety Coordinator Meeting(Allen)

    12:00-2:30 Visit from US Secretary of Health and Agriculture - Dr. DeSalvo

    Wednesday 1/13

    *ACP Make-ups

    1:00-5:00 Literacy Cadre Mtg @ Buckner Building (Gutierrez, Davidson, and Weaver)

    Thursday 1/14

    *ACP Make-ups

    8:30-12:00 NDFP Principal Meeting@ Church of the Incarnation (Derrick)

    Report Cards go home

    Parent Conferences- staff may wear jeans

    Friday 1/15

    *ACP Make-ups

    Payday :)