The Problem with Math is English

English Learners @ SPS

April 2019

I thought that math was universal. What can I do to help my English Learners?

ELLs Count on Language Support in Math

Here is a short article from ASCD about the importance of language in math instruction and Assessment..

Strategies for Oral Language Development

  • RAZ kids gives students the opportunity to hear books read aloud as they follow along. This can increase vocabulary and model fluency and grammar usage, in addition to building background knowledge. Consider choosing non-fiction text that corresponds to what students may need to know in your class.
  • Frontload vocabulary by pre-teaching critical information prior to the lesson.
  • As you preview reading materials with students, don't assume that they are familiar with (to you) simple words and concepts. Remember, they likely do know the concept AND the word, just NOT IN ENGLISH.
  • Help students develop word-learning strategies. Learning about context clues, morphology, cognates and graphic organizers can increase reading success.
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