Post-Secondary Education Ready?

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Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Transition Services for Children with Disabilities

  • Key laws and amendments
  • Laws have transitioned from education for students with disabilities to the expectation that all students will attend PSE

Sytematic Review to Determine Best Strategies to Address the Challenges Faced when Transitioning to PSE

  • Inclusion, vocational education classes
  • Self-advocacy, self-determination
  • Social skills
  • Increase students' ownership of learning
  • Transition Assessments
  • Academic preparation and choosing a career path or major
  • Understand financial aid options and budgeting
  • Understand college norms and expectations

Enabled for College Program


  • Self-advocacy/self-determination (role playing and individual's rights)
  • Goal setting and ownership of learning (learning preferences, study skills)
  • Social skills (email, Office of Access and Learning)


  • Positive role model
  • Promote positive development
  • Encouragement and support

Research Methods


  • 52 seniors
  • 80% low SES
  • 52% have a disability
  • 68% First Generation Students

Mixed Methods


  1. Pre- and Post-Survey
  2. Mentor Evaluations


  • 98% graduated on time
  • 87% accepted to PSE
  • Confirmed 54% of seniors enrolled in PSE
  • Confirmed 58% of seniors with a disability enrolled in PSE
  • Fall enrollment in PSE concerns
  1. Tracking students
  2. Continuing to assist students in transition to PSE

Areas to Address

  • Technology
  • Transition Assessment for Self-Determination
  • Summer PSE Opportunities
  • Conclusion

    Increased number of students with disabilities pursuing PSE

    Transition services provide resources and reduce barriers

    A small service can have a large impact