New York Journal

By: Emily Killingsworth

Letter to New York Editor

To whom ever this may concern,

It has come to my attention that Spain and Cuba are in a disagreement. Cuba wants independence from Spain, but Spain is not agreeing or being very nice. It has also come to my attention that the Cubans are being forced into re concentration camps. The environment in these camps are unsanitary and not right. I would like to know why The U.S. Is not helping?

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The De' Lome Letter

A letter written by Enrique Dupuy de Lome, a spanish ambassador in Washington, addresses a friend in Cuba. During the process, the mail was stolen from the mail and sent to the Journal, for Publication. Enrique wrote in his letter that President McKinley was weak and catering to to the rabble. Not long after this incident occurred, The USS battleship sank in the Havana Harbor. The Maine was supposed to sit on the waters to protect Cuba, but on the night of February 15th, an explosion hit and the battleship began to sink. It was unclear who was responsible for the explosion, but President McKinley was still hoping to avoid conflict with Spain. Spain and U.S tried to sign peace agreements, but Spain wanted control of Cuba, and U.S. did not want that, so war was finally declared.
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Splendid Little war

The Spanish- American War began in the Philippines. THeodore ROosevelt, assistant secretary of the navy began to prepare for the war months before it even occured. AMerican soldiers performed a quick blow against Spain. THe war now moves to Cuba. U.S. Navy quickly set up a blockade on the north coast of cuba. Mickenely ordered troops to sail for santiago. The plan was then to join the navy and attack the Spanish. The first U.S. Colunteer Calvary, also known as rough riders, helped to attack and help the attack with a victory. San Juan Hill was a tough battle for the navy and the rough riders. By nightfall U.S had taken the ridge. United States, captured Puerto Rico, spain seeing this, decided to write up a peace agreement. The war was over.
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Treaty of Paris

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The views of the Philippines in the 1900's presidential Election

The democrats believed the islands should be independent( the man trying to chop down the wooden pole)

President McKinley believed the islands should be kept in order and have rules set. ( the man trying to raise the flag for U.S territory.